Hi there!

Photo by Alli Cheatwood Photography

Photo by Alli Cheatwood Photography

I'm Anna Kathryn, and I'm so glad you're here!

Let me tell you a little about me before I jump into WHY I'm here...
I am a Little Mermaid loving, Garth fanatic with some colorful hair every now and then... I love bugs, and snakes, and a wide array of bizarre critters, big and small, but I keep my distance from dogs (go figure). I'd like everything in life to be pink, bright, and colorful. I am completely introverted, disorganized, and distracted. I am the thirty-something wife of a youth director who points me back to Christ when I get lost in those labels I lay on myself every day. I am a stay-at-home mommy of three busy kiddos, and y'all, honestly - most days I'm a mess.

And, friends, that's why I'm here.
I am so grateful for a God who, in His sovereign grace, meets me in my mess.
First and foremost, I am a fallen mama who affirms Christ as the Savior I so desperately need, my King, and the One who picks me up off of the floor and leads me to and through this beautifully messy life He's given me. I am a Christ-follower who desires to see myself and my littles grow in their likeness to their Savior. God has been so good to provide me with specific experiences throughout the various stages of my life that have altered the state of my faith - such as the premature birth of our daughter, our journey through foster-parenting leading to the adoption of our son, and the deep depression I fell into during my last pregnancy. He has used these events to make me completely in tune to the sanctifying work of Jesus Christ in my life.
But you know what?
After all the hype of these life and faith-altering events, life slows back down and emotions normalize... and somewhere along the way, I tend to lose sight of the work He is doing, and these times of obvious growth and change often get lost in the fog of daily life and parenthood.
Praise God for His faithfulness, for His daily mercies in my life and for the reminders He consistently places in my path, revealing my utter need for His refining and redirecting justice and mercy.

our story

Those beautiful people in that photo...
they are my greatest loves.

That man... he is the best of the best, the absolute perfect match for my personal chaos. He is the man who I dreamt of marrying for as long as I can remember (or at least since the end of the JTT phase): a youth director with a big truck and an even bigger heart for serving children and families in crisis. He leads me toward Christ when I try so very hard to run the opposite direction, and he balances my chaos just too perfectly. 

Those two babies (plus one, not pictured)... they are as different as can be, and couldn't be more perfectly fit as brother and sister or as our children. I believe we were created to be their parents, and that they were known before the world existed and created at just the right time to be our daughter and our son. She's six, he's four, they love the mess out of each other, they love the mess out of me, and I couldn't love them more.