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How do I get one?

Right here - Everyday Mercies: Faith Planner and Journal for Moms*

What are the dimensions of the journal?

The Journal is eight inches by ten inches, and less than an inch in thickness. Not too big and bulky to carry around, but not too small to really dig in and take good notes.

Is this a day planner as well as a spiritual growth tool?

Not this one... in future journals, I may include calendars and areas to plan your days, but this edition is strictly a faith planner and journal, purposefully undated to take the pressure and guilt off our shoulders when we inevitably miss a day or week here and there.

Is the journal available in spiral bound format?

Not at this time - however, if there is a high demand for a spiral bound edition, I will definitely offer it as an option. Keep in mind - it will be more expensive, but please shoot me a message if you're interested in this option in the future.

Will there be future editions of the journal?

YES! Y'all, I have hundreds of ideas running through my head every day... I will share them as they become more complete thoughts, but my hope is to release another journal before the end of summer and another one in time for Christmas!
I want to hear from you, too! What would you like to see in a future edition of the journal? Send me a message here and let me know!

I love it! How can I help spread the word?

  • Follow Everyday Mercies on social media and invite your friends
  • Share photos of your journal and how you're using it - be sure to include #everydaymercies and tag Everyday Mercies on social media.
  • PIN IT! Seriously. Pinterest is a powerful tool!

Anything I haven't covered?

Ask here and I'll get back with you as quickly as possible!