dining room chairs and children, y'all

Quick little tutorial post because I discovered the most amazing thing this week!

How to transform my (eight) dining room chairs in four steps, half an hour, and all for about $45! …and give new life to my kitchen/dining room!



Isn’t it amazing what several years of raising children does to the nice things we (used to) have?

Anyway… here’s how you can reclaim some of the nice things in your life!

1 • Check our these chair covers on Amazon! Lots of options, but these had the most color choices, and the prettiest texture!


2 • Wish you had white chairs so you could order peacock blue… (maybe that’s just me)

3 • Wait by your mailbox for two days.

4 • Find your husband’s screwdriver, remove seats, SLIP ON COVER, tie a couple bows, screw seat back on. And voila!


All in the length of time it took to cook BBQ chicken in my instant pot!

Seriously, look at these beauties!


Best part? I can slip these covers off anytime and throw them in the wash! Like tonight, after one of them got these delicious BBQ spots all over it. 🤦‍♀️ #hadtogowithbeige


Here’s the info!

FYI, that’s an Amazon Affiliate link. That means if you click on it and buy some of these beauties (or anything else after you click on it, actually) I’ll make a tiny commission to help my hubby feed our family! Thanks for your support and for keeping up with our lives and shenanigans!