my arissa

hey y'all... we just got back from indiana a few minutes ago, and i should really be asleep in my bed already, but i wanted to share this pretty cool story with you....

arissa's grandmom, becky, told us she put arissa's bible in the bottom of her bag and put her bag in the trunk.... but the only way that the police officer could identify her when he got to the scene was because her name was written on the inside of her bible which was clasped in her hands! evidently she asked her jaja to get it for her somewhere along the way... praise the Lord! could He make it any more clear to us that she is resting in His arms right now!?

i have a lot to say, and i'll get to it in another e-mail, but that was definitely the most moving and comforting story i heard on the trip! we serve an amazing God, y'all, and my arissa is with Him right now! what a lucky girl!
i gotta quit typing and go to sleep before the tears start, but i love y'all so much, and THANK YOU for your prayers! i felt them so much the past 44 hours.... keep it up, and i'll pump another email out soon....

anna kathryn