"I'm floored by Your majesty,
You're the One that I adore,
You're the One I'm living for,
and I'm falling more in love with You, oh, my Lord.......
I bow and I fall, Lord, at Your feet again, Jesus
I worship, I adore You, You're beautiful to me..."

this is silly... i don't know why i feel like i need to share with y'all what happened to me tonight, but i do... it won't take long so bear with me please....

i've just been in a panic the last week cause i lost my cell phone... ha! so many of you, after i got that tiny phone, were like "you're gonna lose it..." well... it took a couple years, but you were all right... i lost it... it has been such a hard week! i only know by heart like 4 numbers, and only 3 family members, my dad and his parents... so i've been even more cut off than usual.... i, and my friends here, have all prayed and searched endlessly for this phone... i can picture in my head the last place i saw it, at pleasent hill (the girls house) on the love seat arm rest.... it's been searched thoroughly 3 times... three cars have been searched and my room has been cleaned completely.... everyone who lives at pleasent hill has searched the whole house.... nothing..... i went over there today to do school with some of the girls and they were all like "did you find it yet?" and my response was completely hopeless: "no... it is gone, it disappeared from the face of the planet.... i will never find it, i have no hope..." that is such a sad and ridiculous response.... i should have known i would be eating my words by the end of the night!

what i did was give up.... i completely gave up on trusting God to come through on a situation of miniscule imporatance.... and if i don't trust Him in the unimportant situations, how am i gonna trust HIm in the really important ones? well... here's what He did about it: all the girls at pleasent hill and the interns and i are sitting in the living room for devotions tonight listening to this sermon on tape about trusting the Lord (what a coincidence...)... in the middle of it, i notice some squirming across from me on the love seat, and all of the sudden, shabre goes "i found miss ak's cell phone!!!" and holds it up! no way! we searched that couch! THREE times! so we all were super excited for a minute, then finished the sermon... then i reminded the group of my hopelessness, and the faithfulness of Christ....

here's the moral: don't doubt! don't doubt that God is teaching you something in really hard or just not so easy times, and don't doubt that God is powerful and faithful to His servants and will restore your hope and renew your faith in a God that makes miracles happen in times of despair! when you feel like you're starting to doubt the amazing power of Christ to restore and redeem, ask Him to remind you, because He will, and you'll soon be falling at His feet again, completely floored by His majesty!

hey, thanks for reading this totally random story... it's not like God doesn't teach me multitudes everyday that i could tell y'all, but i just felt like He wanted me to share this one...

i love y'all, keep prayin! we're goin to dollywood's splash country tomorrow to try out some new rides before the park opens... that is very exciting! please pray for us that nobody drowns! and, hey, give me a call and leave me a congratulatory message on getting my phone back and hearing from God! 678-617-3929 haha i may not call you for a week or so, but you'll know you made me smile!! this is so great, i am still in awe, i so thought it was gone........

"praise You, God, of earth and sky,
how beautiful is your UNFAILING love!!"
-Chris Tomlin

Anna Kathryn

"I thank my God everytime I remember you,
in all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy."
-Philippians 1:3-4