always there...

“But will God really dwell on earth?

The heavens, even the highest heavens cannot contain you.

How much less this temple I have built?”

1 Kings 8:27

It’s been a long time, I know, and a lot has happened since I last updated… School’s out, so that’s different… I said goodbye to a lot of kids who I loved dearly a few weeks ago… For some of them, it was a very happy goodbye and a joyous occasion as they left the Ranch to begin a new and functional life at home with their families, and for others, I will worry about them every day that I live, but I feel sure my God will watch over them as they are prayed for often. Milton Martin is out too, I left the Honda dealership about a month and a half ago to pursue other goals with my time, and with that job ending, I said goodbye to a lot of grown people who I really grew to love over the last two years… It’s a good thing my little civic will still need oil changes every few months, so I’ll get to see those friends often… My new found free time has left me with no choice but to find a business partner and start beading!! I’ll let you guys know when our little homemade jewelry business is really up and running good, and y’all can come visit us! But in the mean time we are having so much fun trying to make it happen!! Please pray for our little endeavor, as we truly seek the Lord’s guidance in all of our jewelling craziness!!

Gosh, speaking of the Lord’s guidance, I’ve been so lost without direction the past couple months, it’s been crazy… That’s why you haven’t heard from me in so long, but praise God I think I may have my priorities realigned!!

Here is one thing I know to be true, for sure: When you let your relationship with the Lord slip, it’s not just your relationship with Him that suffers, it’s your whole life basically… your relationships with your family, friends, the decisions you make every minute of the day, your goals, plans, endeavors, whatever you do throughout the day is hindered so deeply by your refusal to talk to Him, listen to Him, and be open to His suggestions…. That’s a really crazy thing, because who has better suggestions than God? Right? So, what am I thinking every morning when I wake up? Every night before I go to sleep? “I got this… I can do this on my own… Yes, I’m doing all of this for you, God, but I don’t need your help, ok? I can glorify you in everything I do, without you even being in the picture… easy!” No joke, that’s the last 2 months of my life summed up in three lines…. If our bodies are His temple, why, no really, WHY would He choose to dwell in mine? According to my skewed thinking, I don’t even need Him…

And what happens? My relationships suffer; my family, my friends…. My endeavors fail; my goals, my plans seem so far-fetched… I make poor decisions that directly affect all of my relationships…..

It really all comes back to one really important thing……

Oh God,

“Hear from heaven, your dwelling place, and when you hear, forgive.”

1 Kings 8:30

I’m never going to find the peace I need in these situations if I don’t include the Lord… And it’s not just “Fix this, God,” it’s the peace that I need to be able to make decisions that aren’t easy, but are right; to forgive people and overlook silly things; to follow God’s guidance in my endeavors instead of what I think will work the best, please, in my experience, what I think will work the best… never does!!

It’s a good feeling to come to a place in your faith where you’re like, “Wow, this isn’t working… I really can’t go at it alone… God, all the heavens can’t even hold you! How much less to dwell in me! But that’s where you choose to be! Father, forgive me for not welcoming you into my life, my relationships and my decisions… Forgive me!”

It’s an amazing feeling to come to a place in your faith where you feel Him nudge you and whisper in your ear that sweet reminder:

“My eyes and my heart will always be there.”

1 Kings 9:3

Praise God, I can’t escape Him, no matter how hard I try – a true fear of mine I’ll write about another time... Anyways, God is good, keep in touch!! And that’s the moral!

Thanks for reading this far, I really do appreciate it! As for my next month or so, I’ll be busy traveling the eastern US, a week in Kiowa Island with a family I love a lot, two very much anticipated weeks in the state that I love (Tennessee), a week in New Jersey with my amazingly strong grandmother who I love so much and our wonderful family up there (I love them too!) Wow, that’s a lot of love! Anyways, then it’s school time again! It sure goes by quicker than it used to!! But I look so much forward to starting the new school year and seeing those kid’s faces again! Please pray for them over the summer, it’s an important time of year for their growth at the Ranch and in their families!

I love all of y’all a lot, and I thank you so much for your thoughts and your prayers! I pray that the Lord keeps you safe and watches over all of you every day this summer and most importantly that you don’t forget to invite Him! He’s a good one, I promise!!


Anna Kathryn

“I thank my God every time I remember you,

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy!!”

Philippians 1:3&4