Everyday Mercies

I've tried blogging before.
                        ...and I've failed.

I feel like it's different this time... I feel like I have more to write about and I'm excited about that! For those of you who linked here from CaringBridge or Facebook, you know the journey we've been on. For everyone else, we delivered our daughter 10 weeks early on January 18, spent 7 weeks in the NICU, and today is our due date. Our baby girl Mercy is such a blessing to us. Maybe one day I'll upload our CaringBridge posts to this blog, for now if you want to catch up on our incredible journey, you can read about it here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mercyellzey

Throughout our journey, I have become amazingly aware of the mercies God showers on us everyday through everyday occurrences. How, if we pay attention, each little piece of our day reveals truths about our Creator and how He is visible in EVERYTHING. 

That's what this blog is about... His everyday mercies! It is certainly a work in progress, and I won't write everyday, but I hope you'll join me as I seek to learn more of Him and His incredible works!

You'll notice this clearly isn't my first post. Awhile back when this was a different blog, I uploaded a multitude of emails I've been sending to friends and family for years. They are a journey through the last 9 years of my life... They see me finish college, move to Tennessee, experience great loss and awesome healing, move back to Georgia, get married, move to Louisiana and finally our emergency c-section that brought little Mercy into the world. Feel free to explore... A lot of growth has happened over the last 9 years!