To the mama who made the greatest sacrifice...

Dear Mama,

I remember the first time I hugged your neck like it was yesterday. It was a little over a year ago, the first time you met the strangers who were taking care of your son. Chris and I waited anxiously at the agency for your arrival, not knowing how you would respond to us or the situation. I remember these moments so well because they were so very impactful. You met us with grace that day. You thanked us for taking care of your precious boy and you showed gratitude that we were hand chosen by God to be your son's foster parents.

Over the last year, your love toward us, your son's foster parents, has reshaped and molded how we view foster care. In the ups and down, you have loved us. In all of this, you have loved us so well. And you have loved your son in ways that have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

Long before he existed, his Creator chose us to be part of your son's story, He heard our prayers and placed us in his future. About 430 days ago a social worker picked us from a list to be your son's foster parents for an undetermined amount of time... and today you, YOU Mama, from the depths of love stored in your heart for this boy, you chose us to be his forever family. You made the ultimate sacrifice as you took the steps that would begin the process of making your son my son.

I hope you know that the gravity of your actions this morning will be felt forever, your choice to love so very sacrificially has changed this mama's heart.

I will never forget the tears that fell today as you hugged my neck in that same office where we first met. No longer strangers, but family, connected by this precious boy, our son. I will remember these moments so well because they were so very impactful. You met me with grace today, you showed immense gratitude that we were the ones handpicked by God to be your son's mommy and daddy, and through tears, you asked us to take good care of him before you walked out of the door.

...and I wept. Oh, how I wept.


Thank you. Thank you for pouring out love and grace on our family. Thank you for trusting us to raise your son, I know that doesn't come easy. Thank you for believing our hearts for your family. Thank you for bringing this boy into the world, thank you for his face, you know he got it from you! Thank you for not only letting us love him, but for letting us love you, too.. and we always will. Out of your great loss, you have given us a great gift. We are so grateful.

About a year ago I wrote you these words, and they stand true still today:

"I have come to love that this baby boy has your face. When I look at him, I see you. When I pray for him, I'm praying for you. When I celebrate his milestones, I'm also celebrating yours. When I'm filled with pride for him, I am so very proud of you. And when I love him, I'm loving you, too.

Today you told me that you love us.

I cried.

We love you too, Mama."