We're Reading: Halfway Herbert

Do you ever read a book to your kids and think it may have actually been written specifically with you in mind?

That's exactly how I feel when I read Halfway Herbert, by Francis Chan. 


WAIT! Francis Chan?? Children's books???

YEP! Three of them! I didn't know either... until the day they showed up at the front door via hubby's amazing library building skills!

I have a lot to say about each of them, but this one... it's my favorite!

And Herbert... Oh, I love Herbert!
Herbert breaks my heart and melts my heart all at once.

Herbert is not a finisher. He starts tasks, and never completes them...

...and I think I'm so drawn to this one because I see myself in Herbert.

Those few words up there that I used to describe Herbert are the very same words I often use to describe myself. Y'all... the stacks.. and stacks..... and stacks of half-finished projects are out of control... and, umm, sure... of course I'm going to finish them... all of them. Totally...

Here's a story for you: I whitened my teeth in college, and (obviously) had to test how well Crest White Strips would work... so I only did my top teeth (seriously, y'all.) Well, if you've ever wondered... they worked! Incredibly well! And, I mean, I planned on doing my bottom teeth, but... well, see... I was just... (not a finisher.) It never happened... for years my top teeth were whiter than my bottom teeth, and I just let it be.

This is something I recognize about myself, and for the longest time, just laughed it off. Now I have kids... and it's not so funny anymore.

The other day Mercy was drawing while I washed the dishes. She got bored about halfway into her masterpiece and asked me to play. Dish-washing is my nemesis, and I was so tempted. SUDDENLYHerbert came to mind! (yes, it was that dramatic) We talked about him for a minute, and about the importance of finishing the things we start... y'all please, don't hear me wrong on this: I know the importance, as parents, of dropping what we're doing to spend time playing and attaching to our kiddos, but not at the detriment of practicing and teaching them positive habits and watching them grow up to be finishers! I know have not modeled this well for her. But things around here have begun to change, and I love having Herbert as an example for both of us.

So our conversation ended like this:
Mercy: "Mom! You're gonna be a great All-Way Mommy, not a Halfway Mommy! I better keep coloring so I can be an All-Way Mercy!"
Me: "That sounds like the perfect plan, All-Way Mercy! Then when we both finish we can play our hearts out!"
Mercy: "YEAH!!!"

Y'all.... you've gotta read this book to see how it ends and how all of this relates back to Herbert's faith and the saving work of Jesus! It's fun, adorable and short enough to hold even my very active two year old's attention, while at the same time, totally impactful (for the whole family, in our case!)


I want to hear from y'all!

What books have shown you more about yourself than you expected?
What about your kids?

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