Put Your Jesus Glasses On

My big girl got glasses yesterday.

The doctor told us that she’s farsighted. This means she has a hard time focusing on things close to her, and focusing in general is very hard work for her eyes.


This answered a lot of questions for me… like why she gets headaches after learning times, and why she’s so grumpy after school, and completely uninterested in reading after just a few minutes of work. These are things that are super hard on her eyes, and she has to work a whole lot harder than we realized to do simple things that we take for granted. And because she can see, and things aren’t blurry, we literally had NO clue that she was struggling!

And then she put the glasses on. She cried, she wept, she begged not to wear them… then, as she calmed down, she began to see that her new adorably pink glasses were doing all of that hard work for her eyes… and her world seems to make a little more sense now.

Today I watched her walk into school excited to show her friends her new glasses and to experience learning in an entirely new light.

And in a way, I feel like I can relate to Mercy and her adorable new glasses when I look at my own world that doesn’t always make sense and when I look at the way Jesus has taken the hard work out of life, decisions, salvation, and eternity…

That’s not to say that life isn’t hard, or that we don’t cry, weep, and beg for different circumstances… but it means that He’s taken that hard work off our backs and is replacing it with peace and opportunities to learn and grow in the hardest times and the easiest. It means that even while we’re crying and fighting, we can trust that He’s got us covered and He has a purpose and plan. It means that when we don’t understand what He’s doing, we can clearly see and believe His promise to work all things together for our good. And it means that we can walk ahead with excitement to share what He’s doing in our lives and how He’s growing us and molding us through both trials and exciting changes! It means salvation, and the work that is completely impossible for us to do, so HE did it for us… similar to the way that Mercy’s pink glasses are doing the hard work for her eyes and making life and learning a whole lot clearer.

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