Everyday Mercies is for ME

One morning about two years ago, I woke up in a hole and I couldn't find my way out.

I called it depression and so did my doctor. Eventually God picked me up and pulled me out of that hole, but where I found myself at that point was in a MESS of... well... mess!

Totally disorganized and trying to get back on track in His Word, my prayer life, teaching and learning with my kids... and to be honest, I was just struggling in the mess that depression left in its tracks.

Chris handed me a Spiritual Growth Journal he had purchased years ago, and I looked through it thinking I NEEDED that kind of accountability and organization as I sought the Lord's guidance in getting my faith and growth habits back on track.

Buttt... I needed it to work for me, and that specific journal was a little too intense and overwhelming.

I needed something with calming colors and a minimalist design that wouldn't overwhelm my eyes when I opened the cover. Something that wouldn't feel like growing in my faith was a chore that I could never complete, but instead something led by my God who will complete His good work in me.

After a few days of trying to make it work, but never actually writing one single word in it, I told Chris, "I can't use this, but I'm inspired by it. I'm thinking I should create something like it that won't freak me out... you know, something pretty and mom-ish. Maybe something I can use with the kids!"


I started writing things down and working on some ideas that day... The more I worked on it the more excited I got about the idea of being organized and having a record of how God would grow me over the time I used this whatever-it-was that I had begun. I kept adding things and pages that I needed for myself as I walked through the mess I was still surrounded by. I began searching God's word for scriptures to pray weekly over my family, and asking myself questions about my mission and purpose as a Christian mom of two wild kids. I found myself being led through my mess and into the mercy of God every day.

You see, Everyday Mercies is for me.


It's been the title of this blog since Mercy came home from the NICU but it's not named after her - it is named for the mercy God shows us every new day through His Word and the time we spend in prayer, in fellowship, and in walking with Him daily.

His mercies truly are new every morning.

And as I worked on the journal, it became evident that this project wasn't just for me... Everyday Mercies is for you too.

Over the course of two years, there were hiccups, distractions, both significant and insignificant obstacles that threw me completely off course, and if you'll remember - finishing is not my strong suit, so most of the time I assumed this project would remain half-finished until the end of time.

But God... right?
By His unending grace and mercy, He faithfully led me through each ordeal the world and my head threw in my path to stop this journal in its tracks - and here we are, y'all! 
Because of His everyday mercies, this journal is being used by other moms like you and me - struggling, disorganized, distracted, but growing by His grace, learning His promises, practicing His Truths.
...and that is very humbling and very awesome.

Thank you for supporting this journal and supporting each other!