We're Reading: The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross

This might be the book that is the most fun to read to my kids.


It’s beautiful, for starters. I was immediately drawn to ALL the color, and the bright, childlike illustrations that truly jump off the front cover.

I eventually read the title to figure out what I was holding in my hands with such colorful excitement, but y'all, I just could. not. wait. to flip through the pages!

Every illustration on every page was created with the eyes of a young listener in mind, but also deeply intentional, describing the intended scene through details, lines, colors, and at times through the void of color. You will know the intention of this book even before you read the words. I’m telling you, if this were a picture book with no words, my kids would still love it, and I would still be writing about it. (Y'all! I saw this late last night... a coloring book edition!)  

I did finally get to the words, and noticed my face and voice suddenly and totally changing... Weird, right? Here's whyCarl Laferton has successfully achieved the telling of this story in the style and language that spirited parents use when we talk to our spirited kids. Excitable little family that we are, that just makes it so. much. fun. to read! You cannot read these pages without TONS of animation on your face and in your voice… it’s impossible!

So what's this story about?

The subtitle gives the content of this book: The true story of why Jesus died and rose again. That story is creatively told in thirty-one pages that lead your little listener from the Garden of Eden to the Resurrection of Jesus, and life everlasting in His Kingdom where “there will be nothing bad, and no one sad.”

Another thing I think is awesome is Laferton's use of several repeating phrases throughout the book. The repetition of these simple but intentional lines hammer in the result of sin and the amazing grace of Jesus! Mercy finishes these sentences and even remembers and repeats them days and weeks between reading them!

THAT message told so creatively and paired with the beautiful and FUN illustrations makes this book truly captivating to my two kiddos (and obviously to me, too!)… Add in all the facial and vocal animation required for reading this story, and you just really can’t go wrong. Plus… there’s a sloth on page six, so that’s a win in itself for the two year old!

I should mention, this book is the fourth in a series of "Tales that tell the Truth,” all illustrated by Catalina Echeverri (and obviously beautiful.) This is the only one we own today, but The Christmas Promise should be here before the end of the week, and I cannot wait to get into it!

I wanna hear from y'all!

Which book in your kid's library do you have the most fun reading?
What makes it so much fun?

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